We have stylists for our hair, clothes and homes. Why not have stylists for our wellness?

As women, we use an average of 12 personal care products every single day yet many of us have no idea what’s in those products. Did you know coal tar is a main ingredient in lip gloss or that perfume is one of the most dangerous things you can put on your skin because synthetic fragrance is highly toxic. 

And what about the products you use near your body and in your home? Outside of obvious items like household cleaners, do you use scented candles to make your home smell good or dryer sheets to freshen up your laundry? 

If you answered yes, you’re not alone. While the world is drawing more awareness to what we’re putting in our bodies, there still isn’t much discussion about what we’re putting on our bodies.  With the cancer rate now at 1 in 3 women and 1 and 2 men, we believe it’s time to start paying attention and that’s where we come in! 

If you’re ready to air your “dirty laundry,” we’re ready to help you detoxify from head-to-toe and top to bottom.