Meet your stylists 



BethAnn McCarthy

I have been passionate about "clean living" since I got pregnant with my daughter 8 years ago.  It was at that time that I was enlightened on how dangerous and toxic the products that I was using each and every day on and around my body were.  I was always hyper focused on what I was putting in my body...but never what I was putting on my body.   The more research I did, the more cancer seemed to be taking over and the more shocked and scared I became.

So after 17 years in Sales and with a little help of "Unleashing the Power Within" alongside Tony Robbins, I decided it was time....time to take a leap of faith, follow my heart, live my truth and share my passion with the world.  It was at this time that I left my safety net (aka Corporate America), started speaking out and educating people on how to be more holistic from the inside out.

My passion, focus and expertise is in teaching people to truly love themselves deeply, to nourish their bodies with clean healthy foods and to use safe non-toxic products on their skin and in their homes.  I am beyond honored and grateful to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion to help each and every one of you become your own health and wellness advocates...whether it be in your home or in your office through our in-home consultations and corporate wellness events.  I look forward to connecting with you and talking about how we can all live a healthy, happy and abundant life!  


Olivia Doyne

After almost 20 years as a global publicist, marketing executive and spokesperson, I knew it was time to follow my gut and take the leap into the unknown journey of being an entrepreneur.

This wasn’t an easy decision to make as I had what was arguably one of the coolest corporate jobs a girl could ask for: head of PR, partnerships and events for Gap. But there was this other side of me who spent all of my free time exploring the mind, body, spirit connection. I became fascinated with healers, read countless books on spirituality, learned how to meditate and became a yogi. Additionally, I started paying attention to what I was putting in my body with more organic unprocessed foods as well as what I was using on, near and around my body with essential oils and non-toxic personal care products. 

As much as I love the bohemian side of myself, I know I'm not a free spirit which is why I founded lipstickmeetslavender, a modern resource for women who want to make healthier choices without turning their lifestyles upside down. And now through co-founding The Wellness Stylists, I can take the idea of living a more holistic life one-step further through our in-home consultations and corporate wellness events. We're all busy so let us roll-up our sleeves and do the dirty work for you!